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Beyond traditional investment

Garanti Bank

Investing is always a long process. Heavy research, evaluation of options, monitoring for when is the right time to collect your returns, it’s a huge time-consuming journey.
Unfortunately, for the average investor, we would prefer it to be much quicker. We Turks like to get rich in the shortest time possible, and do not want to wait years. According to BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) the average Turkish investor holds stocks for only 90 days, compared to the average of 376 for foreign investors.
Garanti Bank, the leading Turkish organization for digital banking, wanted to provide a new investment experience for their customers. By renewing its decade-old finance website (paragaranti.com), they hoped to provide thousands of Turkish citizens the ability to redefine their investment journey.


Finding the Gap Between Online-Offline Investing

Our first step was defining the investment journey of the average Turkish investor.
We deep dived into the daily lives of investors to discover their motivations, hesitations, fears, needs, and favorite tools to use. We researched investing in the physical world and asked how we could bring its greatest characteristics into the digital world.
Based on our research, we learned that the average investor does not rely on technical or financial analysis. Because these analyses make them vulnerable to the volatility of the market, they prefer to rely largely on recommendations from friends and members of their social circle. Trust was stronger than professional analysis.
However, while our average investor did not show much motivation to learn about the financial markets, they did not hesitate to take risky steps. They knew that to make money, they would need to adopt a bit of risk into their financial investments.


A Brand New Digital Investment Tool

Once we had a profile of the average investor, we met with Garanti again. We guided their digital product team and design agency every step of the way for the relaunch of their site.
Paragaranti.com was not only redesigned, it was completely rebuilt. The website now provides its users the opportunity to digitally invest and gives them the resources they needed to take the risks they want.