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Customer journey of a FIAT owner

Customer Journey of a FIAT Owner

Car ownership in Turkish culture goes far beyond owning a mode of transportation. A car is a status symbol, and cars are treated almost like a member of the family.
FIAT owns one of the first manufacturing facilities that opened in Turkey. That means that FIATs were one of the first cars that one could buy that was proudly “Made in Turkey”, giving the company a unique place in the hearts of Turks.

“A car that is more like a member of your family.”

FIAT approached us with a simple request. Define the journey of a FIAT customer.
Considering the unique history of FIAT and its place in Turkish culture, we knew that we were not dealing with the usual car consumer behavior.


Action Plan for New Customer Experience Strategy

With the research we now had, we workshopped over a series of several weeks in order to create a final analysis. In the end, FIAT was able to create an actionable list of further opportunities in the mid and long terms. Their team now possess a plan that they can immediately begin acting on in order to expand business and reinforce their brand.