Service Design Training

Engaging Training for Your Team

This training is a coaching program for discovering your customers’ needs, understanding the best way to present new ideas to any audience, and prepare for new product development.
The program will consist of hands-on training, field research guided by our team, and product/service design workshops.
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A typical program curriculum includes:

• Intro to Design Thinking (How to Think Like a Professional Designer)
• How to Research and Compile Actionable Insights
• Service Designer’s Toolbox (Making Customer Personas, Journey Maps, Empathy Visualization)
• Fast Tracking Product/Service Prototypes
• Lean Canvas (And Associated Business Canvas Methods for Context-Specific Situations)

What Teams Benefit from This Program?

• In-House Innovation
• Product Management
• Customer Experience Specialists


Your innovation and product teams will collaborate with Ethnogram in a series of training workshops to learn how to apply ethnography to your business. You will learn how to gather real, actionable information on your target market and develop new customer experiences based on Design Thinking methodology.