About Us

Ethnogram is the leading consultancy for the regenerative transformation. We combine qualitative research, strategy and training to deliver solutions that are not only sustainable and ethical, but also create positive impacts for our clients.

Ethnogram has a unique team of experts that combines the skills and strengths of design-oriented qualitative researchers, service designers, and strategic advisors with legal backgrounds. These experts have more than 20 years of experience in understanding people, businesses, cultures, customs, habits, and differences across various sectors and regions. They use this knowledge to create trustful, respectful, fair, and regenerative business systems that align with the values and goals of their clients.

What we do?

As a research & regenerative transformation consultancy, we help you elevate your business with a regenerative approach that supports, nourishes,and restores you and the whole living system.



Uğur A. Köseoğlu

Co-Founder & Strategist at Ethnogram

After graduating from Galatasaray High School, continued his education in UK, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the University of Hertfordshire and his Master’s degree in Industrial Design at St. Martin’s College. He began his professional career in 2005 as an Art Director and Creative Director in the advertising sector, where he gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that customers and employees face in the marketing process.

He realized that the research and creative solution techniques used abroad were not known and applied in Turkey, and decided to pursue further education on qualitative research methods, blue print and experience mapping, and employee and customer satisfaction improvement strategies.

In 2011, he co-founded Ethnogram, one of the first niche qualitative research and customer experience companies in Turkey, with the mission of helping organizations grow their businesses in a regenerative way. He leveraged his expertise and experience to offer consultancy on qualitative data collection, analysis, and strategy development, using the techniques and tools used abroad, adapted to the Turkish culture and business world. He also established Ethnogram Education, a platform that provides corporate and individual training and workshops, customized to the needs and culture of each company. He has trained and coached people at every level of the companies, from blue-collar workers to senior executives, contributing to the development of company culture and productivity, correct product branding and positioning, customer experience, and employee loyalty. He has also specialized in corporate culture consulting, helping his clients to create and sustain a positive, collaborative, and innovative work environment that fosters employee engagement, motivation, and performance.

For 12 years, he has been a trusted solution partner for many leading companies in his sector, providing services especially in research, mapping, strategy development, and customer communication. He uses a qualitative data-driven approach to marketing campaign management and strategy, and is skilled at driving brand awareness through cost-effective ideas and concepts.


Berfu Aksoy

Partner, Strategist, Consultant, Lecturer

Berfu Aksoy, born in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. After graduating from Baskent University Faculty of Law, she started her professional career in 2003. She continued her education in various prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School and London Business School, focusing on International Negotiation, Conflict and Resolution Theories, Management Sciences, Mediation, Business Psychology, and Commercial Diplomacy.

In 2006, she founded her own law firm and provided legal and strategic consultancy mainly in areas such as International Oil Exploration & Production, Mining, Renewable Energy and Construction Sectors and Contract Management. She also served as the resident representative of foreign E&P companies in Turkey.

For over 20 years, Berfu Aksoy has been offering consultancy in strategy development, creating demand and conflict resolution strategies, forming internal and external relationship policies, and strategy development to more than one hundred and fifty companies and numerous top-level executives in Turkey and other countries. She conducts negotiations on behalf of petroleum exploration companies to ensure the development of commercial relationships, including high-level meetings at the Presidential and Ministerial levels. Advising foreign petroleum exploration and production companies, mainly based in Europe, Canadian, UK, the USA, in relation to their operations in and around Turkey and in general corporate issues with respect to Turkey and neighboring regions. Hold place as a keynote speaker on several international meetings and summits.

Berfu Aksoy is responsible for Ethnogram’s mission “To contribute to the design of a new regenerative world system that is characterized by high human consciousness, sustainability, trust, and fairness.” She refined her knowledge and experiences in commercial and political relationship dynamics, their interplay, conflict management, negotiation, mediation, and the impact of subconscious psychology on business life to provide companies, institutions, executives and entrepreneurs with rapid and easily applicable methods that yield the highest results.



Ahmet Hazım Topçuoğlu

Strategic Consultant, Executive Senior Advisor

He graduated from Galatasaray High school and Middle East Technical University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and continued his education in Business Engineering at EPF School of Engineering in France. He has a rich and diverse experience in marketing and strategy in the FMCG sector, working for global brands such as Pantene, Finish, Huggies, Kotex, Veet, Durex, Scholl, Namet, and BRF. He has launched innovative products, campaigns, and sub-brands, transformed business models, expanded market presence, acquired new brands, increased sales and margins, and led integration and digital marketing projects.

Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Founding his own consultancy firm, TT&T Consultancy Ltd, in London, where he assists Turkish companies in entering the UK market, providing services such as Strategy Development, Market Analysis, Portfolio Management, and E-commerce/Digital Marketing.
  • Leading the company’s acquisition of the country’s biggest poultry producer, Banvit, as the Marketing Director of BRF, the third biggest poultry company in the world, based in Brazil.
  • Appointing as the CMO of Namet, a leading meat producer in Turkey, by the new investors, and adding a B2B segment to the existing B2C segment, changing the sales channels and product portfolio, and acquiring a new brand, Maret.
  • Spearheading and designing the first-ever ever-celebrity campaign of Veet in the MEA region, as the Personal Care Marketing Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Turkey.,
  • Launching the first youth sub-brand of Vodafone Turkey, Freezone, and introducing youth loyalty club events, as the Youth Segment Marketing Manager of Vodafone Turkey.

Ahmet is an associate of Ethnogram and holds the title of “Strategic consultant, Executive Senior Advisor”. He is a creative, forward-thinking, and decisive leader, with an engaging demeanour and an open and clear communication style. He is driven and ambitious, with a background in market research, strategy development /execution, and is skilled at driving brand awareness through cost-effective ideas and concepts.


Nisa Bayındır

Strategic Consultant, Executive Senior Advisor, Consumer Psychologist, Lecturer

Nisa is an award-winning integrated strategist, multidisciplinary research and insights expert, and consumer psychologist with 15 years of experience crafting future-proofed consumer experiences for global brands. Her passion for understanding the “why” behind consumer behavior stems from a diverse background in digital marketing, brand tribes, innovation, and market research across agency, client, and data provider roles.

A strong foundation in cultural understanding underpins Nisa’s approach. With a BA (Hons) in Media & Communication Systems from Istanbul Bilgi University, an Erasmus exchange at Malmö University, and an ongoing PhD in Cognition & Culture at Queens University Belfast, her expertise transcends borders and resonates with consumers across contexts. This cultural fluency is further honed through her MSc in Consumer Psychology from London Metropolitan University, allowing her to blend insights with psychology and behavioral science for impactful strategic direction. Nisa’s ability to merge creativity and analytical thinking has not gone unnoticed.

She is a regular speaker at industry conferences like Retail Marketing Week, Adobe (London), and IIEX Europe, and her thought leadership has been featured in publications like WIRED, Bustle, and Sky News. Additionally, her digital strategies for brands like Rolls-Royce and The Glenlivet have garnered prestigious awards, including The DRUM DADI and the IAB UK Showcase Award. Whether advising clients, captivating audiences, or pursuing her academic pursuits, Nisa is a dedicated explorer of the human experience. Her London base serves as a launchpad for her global impact, where she continues to ask smarter “why” questions and build meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Transforming your business into a regenerative one is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of learning and innovation. It requires commitment, courage, creativity, and collaboration.
But it also brings many benefits for yourself, your business, your customers, your community, and the planet.