About Us

Ethnogram is a qualitative research and regenerative transformation consultancy that specializes in applying ethnographic research, service design, and strategy to help organizations grow their businesses in a regenerative way.

Ethnogram has a unique team of experts that combines the skills and strengths of design-oriented qualitative researchers, service designers, and strategic advisors with legal backgrounds. These experts have more than 20 years of experience in understanding people, businesses, cultures, customs, habits, and differences across various sectors and regions. They use this knowledge to create trustful, respectful, fair, and regenerative business systems that align with the values and goals of their clients.

What we do?

As a research & regenerative transformation consultancy, we help you elevate your business with a regenerative approach that supports, nourishes,and restores you and the whole living system.

Transforming your business into a regenerative one is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of learning and innovation. It requires commitment, courage, creativity, and collaboration.
But it also brings many benefits for yourself, your business, your customers, your community, and the planet.