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A better roaming experience


Vodafone operates in Turkey as the second largest Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). With over 18 million customers and various global branches, Vodafone is one of the fastest growing and most profitable at telecommunication companies.

Positioned as an “International brand” in Turkey makes Vodafone’s roaming experience one of the most crucial journeys in sustaining the brand image. Vodafone approached us with the need of re-designing end to end journey of a roaming customer.

10 Weeks Service Design Thinking Program

We teamed up with Vodafone and launched a 10 week service design thinking program consisting of several design sprints.

First phase: Understanding roaming journeys and defining the challenges

After 4 weeks of deep dive studies, we discovered major personas each with different behavioral patterns on how they plan and manage their travels. We’ve mapped their journeys and created inspirational customer journey maps.

The research showed us various pain points in the roamer’s journey. We therefore needed to develop a clear idea as possible to the issues and prioritize them according to their customer impact levels

A Better Roaming Experience

Ideation & Prototyping Phase

In 2 sprints only, 50 ideas were developed and 2 of them selected for prototyping and customer testing. In first sprint teams have developed carboard prototypes of self care app and various experiences around the airport.

Ethnogram Ethnographic Research and Service Design

Co-creation & customer Test Day

For the final sprint, we polished our prototype and prepared it for testing. We invited roaming customers with different travel patterns and received their valuable feedback. In summary, our initial designs and the whole team were reassured that we were on the right track.

Ethnogram Ethnographic Research and Service Design

Hi-fi prototypes and internal presentation

As a final step to the service design project, we have prepared hi-fi prototypes and a final prototype animation movie to get the whole company’s buy-in. Again, our prototype video has been very positively received and made its way through international meetings.

At the end of the project we wanted to leave a mark that would help in creating a sustainable culture on how the team approach their services, therefore we delivered a guideline including new design language and policies for the new roaming experience.